5 Tips For Getting Your Deposit Back

Cleaning Aug 10, 2022

Your contract is due up in a few weeks and you couldn't be more excited to move out!

However, the apartment is a mess, and you're not sure what to do to ensure you get your deposit back. We've all been there before and that's not an ideal situation for anybody. That's why we've thought of five tips to follow after you move out so that you get your deposit back, as well as prevent any conflicts with your landlord afterwards.

  • Clean places that are often forgotten about (take a video of cleaning skirting boards, cleaning on top of cupboards etc)
  • Don't leave anything behind (film me taking a pillow or a blanket and putting it into a box?)
  • Make sure your rent and bills are paid on time
  • If anything got damaged during your tenancy, you might want to consider fixing it (Voice-over for this part: this could be something as small as a broken door handle that you can easily screw back in. Make a video of a door handle that's hanging loose and then screw it back together?) or do a quick snapshot of me ''painting over'' damage done to the walls.
  • Make sure all the lights work

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Will Southall

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