The reason we are building Fronted out in the open

Design Jan 24, 2020

In order to keep sight of what we set out to do with Fronted, I keep subtweeting... myself

I said we would show the inner workings and I want to stay true to that. As we ramp up to launch Fronted, we want to do things a little differently and this is the first step (skip to the end to get to the ‘open’ bit).

Trust is a very strange phenomenon. If there is one thing Disney taught us, it’s that the baddies always say “don’t worry, you can trust me”.

Trust is earnt by behaviour and good intent - not by telling people what to think about you.

Not being open limits the actual benefit we can provide. Openness keeps companies honest. Honesty forms stronger relationships. And relationships last longer than transactions.

It’s why the important decisions at Fronted will always be out in the open. We want to be held accountable for our actions and to be kept honest by you.

Now, not every decision needs community input - I might decide to make a cup of tea with both English Breakfast and Earl Grey tea bags at the same time. Not a discussion point.

But the big stuff, for instance: why will we/won’t we lend someone money for a deposit. It’s your information and we think that you have the right to know.

We want to kick off with a fun one.

I know you are all big fans of the current logo but we think it's time to change - and we need your help.

In our freshly launched community forum we've posted the two logo options for Fronted - they aren’t drawn in biro, I promise.

We want to know what you think. Share your views on preferred design, colours or find a safe haven for your strong font opinions (we know you have them).

Head over to our community page and chat with me and the team.

Jamie Campbell

Co-founder of Fronted