How to get to the front of Fronted

Community Mar 23, 2020

We’re launching a product which we think will help a lot of people. The most important for any early-stage business is to test and learn - in other words, go slowly - to make sure we get the product absolutely right. That’s why, for the moment, we will be limiting the number of people who can get a Fronted Deposit.

Due to the limited numbers, a few people asked if there’s any way to get to the top of the list when places are available.

I don’t want to tell you what to do. But if you want to help or get involved, here are a couple of suggestions that will get you noticed and bumped up on our waitlist.

Introduce yourself

Join our community page and start a new thread with

  1. Your rental experience
  2. When you are next moving
  3. What barriers you need help with

Getting to know our first customers is really important because it will help us find our role in the world.

Spread the word

  1. If you know a renter who needs help, invite them to our forum - the more stories we hear the more effective we can be at building a helpful product.
  2. Tweet about Fronted to help us get out in front of more people
  3. Follow us on Instagram and you can have a say when we post product updates

I can’t wait to launch Fronted so that we can improve the rental lives of millions of people. Thank you for your early support. You can reach me (or anyone at Fronted) here.

Thanks once again,


Jamie Campbell

Co-founder of Fronted