How To Check Your Rent Deposit is Protected in One Step

Deposits Mar 29, 2022

Rent deposits are our thing, whether you want one paid or want help protecting one, we can help. It’s why I want to share the secret property agents or landlords may not want you to know.

Once you’ve sent your rent deposit to your property agent or landlord, they have 30 days to put it in a government approved deposit protection scheme. After 30 days, if it has not been correctly protected, you can get up to three times your money back.

Here’s the one step to check your rent deposit is protected

Depending on where you’re renting in the UK, there are only three places where your rent deposit will be registered. The only information you’ll need to provide is your deposit amount, postcode, surname and tenancy start date.

If you’re renting in England or Wales:

If you’re renting in Scotland:

If you’re renting in Northern Ireland:

If your deposit is not registered, then you might be able to claim £1,000s back and you’ll need to follow these steps.

What if I used a deposit alternative?

The Fronted Deposit gets the exact same protection as a regular deposit, some other deposit alternatives do not.

Insurance or “zero deposit” options don’t have to be registered in a deposit protection scheme. This means that you are liable for damage and arrears, if there’s any debt it can be passed onto a debt recovery service and you may have to pay for renewal costs if you choose to continue your tenancy.

Check your rental contract to review the terms you agreed to or email your property agent to confirm the details.

That’s it for protecting your deposit.

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Jamie Campbell

Co-founder of Fronted